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Audio/Video SCART - SCART
Interconnect Cable                  FLAT BUS
HyperLink Edition
  DAXX R22 SCART-SCART Eurocon-nector provides for bi-directional connection of audio and composite video signals, uni-directional RGB video and a number of control signals that allow the television to control a VCR/DVD and vice-versa. High quality connecting cable designed to give you an improved, clearer picture and more detailed sound. Using high quality screened oxygen-free copper cable ensures that more of the signal detail reaches its destination, while the gold-plated connectors guarantee a solid connection from a durable plug. The flat bus design provides more flexebility reliability for this cable. Add a new dimension to your favorite scenes with a clearer, more detailed soundtrack and a picture that will appear more detailed with improved colour and reduced colour bleed.






3,5' (1.1m)

5' (1.5m)

8' (2.5m)

US Retail

$ 15.00

$ 16.00

$ 17.00

Unit: single cable per box.

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