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Audio/Video Double Shielded
Interconnect Cable
Studio Edition
Посмотреть крупнее  R65 DAXX R65 triple shielded Audio Video Studio cable is created for home video or sound installations. Two multi-strand oxygen free copper conductors of the audio channels (red & white) are covered by polyethylene foam jacket and tightly twisted around each other to maximize the rejection of noise. In addition, they have a common double shield; Mylar foil covered by braided copper wire, which together guarantees efficient Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) immunity. (It has superb noise-rejection!) A multi-strand oxygen-free copper center conductor of the video channel (yellow) is surrounded by a low-loss polyethylene foam dielectric to provide wide bandwidth and low-loss signal transfer. The spiral copper wire shield and aluminum Mylar foil shield also protects cable from influence of magnetic fields. The RCA connectors are engineered for reliable contact between sound system components. The four-cut ground sleeves are 24-karat gold-plated for long term durability and maximum conductivity. The R65 cable is developed for applications in home theatre and professional sound recording studios.
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1' (0.3m)
2.5' (0.75m)
5' (1.5m)
8' (2.5m)
13' (4m)
16' (5m)
US Retail
$ 7.60
$ 9.40
$ 11.00
$ 12.00
$ 15.00
$ 16.00
Unit: triple cable per box.

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