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SCART-SCART Silver-Plated
Interconnect Cable  
Videophile Edition

  SCART (also called Peritel or Euroconnector) is a standard for connecting audio and video equipment. Before SCART, many video and audio devices provided lots of different sockets for AV signals. Devices made by different companies could have different and incompatible standards. SCART attempts to make connecting such devices together much simpler, by providing one plug that contains all the necessary signals, and is standard across different manufacturers. SCART makes connecting such devices very simple, because one cable can connect any two SCART-compatible devices, and the connector is designed so that you cannot insert it incorrectly. This universal 21-pin connection provides bi-directional connection of audio and composite video signals, uni-directional RGB video and a number of control signals that allow the television to control a VCR/DVD and vice-versa. R91 is a high quality SCART cable designed to give you an improved, clearer picture and more detailed sound. This high quality screened silver-plated oxygen-free copper cable ensures that more of the signal detail reaches its destination, while the gold-plated connectors guarantee a solid connection from a durable plug.






3.5' (1.1m)

5' (1.5m)

8' (2.5m)

US Retail

$ 18.00

$ 19.00

$ 22.00

Unit: single cable per box.
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