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Monocrystal OCC Copper
Speaker Cable
Premium Edition
    Our Premium Edition Monocryscal Copper acoustical cables are designed especially for high grade home theatre and premium car sound installation projects and is optimized with the consideration of the longer installation distances. Monocrystalline cables are different, because they virtually consist of a single crystal of copper. The ensuing lack of “internal connection impedance” has a very positive tonal impact. Profound transparency combined with perfect balance allows music to breathe. Developed by Professor Dr. Ohno of the Chiba Institute of Technology in Japan , this technology is very different compare to the traditional method as it used a cooled mold to produce the pure single crystallized copper conductor . The final UP-OCC (Ohno Continuous Casting) pure copper product has reached the 6N purity 99.99998%.The DAXX S182 and S184 acoustical cables is a definitive choice of real audiophiles and is designed to optimize the most sophisticated home theatre components.

Item #
Cross sec. area
US Retail
12 Ga (3.3 mm2)
164' (50 m)
$ 14.00 per foot
14 Ga (2.2 mm2)
164' (50 m)
$ 9.00 per foot
Unit: spool.
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