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Copper-Clad Aluminum
Speaker Cable

Global Edition

  S26, S24, S22, S20 Copper-clad aluminum speaker cables from DAXX feature 34-gauge aluminum strand claded by oxygen free copper layer. These speaker cables are ultimate for custom sound installations in public address, home theatre, car audio and marine boats. The high temperature insulation jacket withstands temperatures to 85 C, employs measurement increment marking and square/round coding for easy polarity identification.
Cross sec. area
US Retail
16 Ga (1.31 mm2)
650' (200 m)
$ 1.04 per 1 m
14 Ga (2.1 mm2)
400' (120 m)
$ 1.80 per 1 m
12 Ga (3.5 mm2)
325' (100 m)
$ 2.50 per 1 m
S20 10 Ga (5.5 mm2) 280' (80 m) $ 3.50 per 1 m
Unit: spool
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