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Flat OFC
Speaker Cable
HyperLink Edition


  The Flat Speaker Cables of the HyperLink Edition are constructed from pure OFC electrolytic grade 36-gauge stranding with a special braided geometry, which provides ultimate sonic performance, accuracy and depth. With our HyperLink Edition speaker cables you will be able to maximize your loud speakers performance to get  all the sound you paid for.   





Cross sec. area
US Retail
16 Ga (1.3 mm2)
425' (130 m)
$ 0.90 per foot
14 Ga (2.1 mm2)
425' (130 m)
$ 1.00 per foot
12 Ga (3.5 mm2)
425' (130 m)
$ 1.40 per foot
S50 10 Ga (5.2 mm2) 250' (80 m) $ 3.00 per foot
Unit: spool.
Pre-cuts with banana plugs
Item# S52-15 S52-25 S52-35 S52-50
Length 5' (1.5m) 8' (2.5m) 11' (3.5m) 16' (5m)
US Retail $ 16.00 $ 18.00 $ 20.00 $ 22.00
Unit: one speaker connection cable per box
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