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Flat Tinned OFC
Speaker Cable  
Studio Edition

  Our Flat Tinned Copper Speaker Cables presented in Studio Edition are designed especially for high level home theatre and car sound installation projects. These cables combine advanced technologies to accurately transfer audio signals to your speakers and provide impressive sonic improvements, allowing you to listen music more realistically with better clarity and more natural soundstage. 


Cross sec. area
US Retail
16 Ga (1.3 mm2)
400' (120 m)
$ 1.10 per foot
14 Ga (2.1 mm2)
400' (120 m)
$ 1.40 per foot
S62 12 Ga (3.5 mm2) 325' (100 m) $ 1.83 per foot

Pre-cuts with banana plugs
Item# S62-15 S62-25 S62-35 S62-50
Length 5' (1.5m) 8' (2.5m) 11' (3.5m) 16' (5m)
US Retail $ 18.00 $ 20.00 $ 22.00 $ 24.00
Unit: one speaker connection cable per box.
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