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  Audiophile Edition
S90 spool   The Audiophile Edition S90 speaker cables from DAXX are especially developed for application in the sphere of high level home theatre systems. The S90 utilizes the hybrid construction using two different stands layouts: internal spiral strands are covered by outer braided strand layer. This high density braided construction contains 50% of pure oxygen-free copper (OFC) strands and 50% of the OFC silver-plated strands. Internal strands are completely OFC made. This hybrid application of the different materials (Cu and Ag) and the different ways of stranding provide to the cable the conductivity of full range of frequencies. Silver-plating is good for high range and internal 10Ga core of OFC strands transfers excellent bass and mids. Outer braided layer offers more strand-to-strand contact and reduces signal loss. Extra large insulation divider between conductors reduces negative influence existing between conductors. The DAXX S90 speaker cables is a definitive choice of real audiophiles and is designed to optimize the most sophisticated home theatre components.

Cross sec. area
US Retail
10 Ga (5.2 mm2)
160' (50 m)
$ 4.00. per foot

Pre-cuts with banana plugs
Item# S90-15 S90-25 S90-35 S90-50
Length 5' (1.5m) 8' (2.5m) 11' (3.5m) 16' (5m)
US Retail $ 22.00 $ 26.00 $ 30.00 $ 38.00
Unit: one speaker connection cable per box
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