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Hi-End Silver-Plated
Speaker Cable  
Limited Edition
    Our Limited Edition 8Ga OFC silver-plated cable S98 is designed especially for high grade home theatre and mobile sound installation projects and is optimized with the consideration of the longer installation distances. Special braiding technique of the cable offers more strand-to-strand contact, reduces capacitance and signal loss. Silver plating leads to better conductivity and improves high and mid frequency performance. Extra large Ultra-Flex insulation divider reduces the negative influence existing between conductors. The DAXX S98 speaker cables is a definitive choice of real audiophiles and is designed to optimize the most sophisticated home theatre components. See our terminals DAXX T100 and DAXX T154 for high-quality cable connections.

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Cross sec. area
US Retail
8 Ga (8.36 mm2)
100' (30 m)
$ 13.00. per foot
Unit: one speaker connection cable per box.
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