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Pure Silver Wire Premium Quality
Interconnect Cable   
Limited Edition

Посмотреть крупнее R100   Silver is the most conductive of all naturally occurring materials, including copper. Because of this, electrical signals traveling on silver wire have very low attenuation (signal loss) or added distortion. This metal also ensures a greater signal bandwidth than other conductors. This results in transmission of substantially more information than other materials. If the silver corrodes, the resulting silver oxide that forms on the outside of the wire has the same conductivity as the pure silver! This property makes signal transmission characteristics extraordinarily stable and long-lived for silver conductors. When signal is sent down a multiple conductor cable, the insulation between those conductors has a substantial effect on many important technical parameters of the cable.  It affects, for instance, the cable capacitance and characteristic impedance. Our R100 silver wire audio cable employs Teflon insulation. Teflon allows for maximum velocity of propagation, extremely low capacitance and dramatically decreases losses for the signal.  For these reasons, Teflon is considered the world`s best dielectric (electric insulating) material. The Teflon surfaces of both conductors are covered by a special plastic material which eliminates any migrations (unwanted displacement) between twisted conductors and the outer PVC shield, thus creating a very stable fixed internal construction. The double shielded construction uses both Mylar foil plus tinned copper braid, protecting the cable from electromagnetic interference, thereby guaranteeing superb noise rejection. The cable is terminated in high-grade RCA plugs with split cross-tips and an eight-cut ground sleeve to enable excellent mechanical stability in the connections. The squeeze-locking mechanism of the male RCA plug provides a virtual death grip connection between your components. The contact surface is also rhodium plated to guarantee outstanding corrosion resistance, superior durability and very long-life. The Daxx model R100 (Limited Edition) is a very high-end interconnect which allows you to hear all the depth and details in your favorite music. It offers extraordinary sonic performance for audiophiles whose quest demands the best!
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2.5' (0.75m)
3.5' (1.1m)
5' (1.5m)
8' (2.5m)
US Retail
$ 300.00
$ 330.00
Unit: one pair per box.
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