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Interconnect Cable
Global Edition 

Посмотреть крупнее  R44   DAXX Global Edition coaxial cables are designed for a wide variety of applications in the sphere of car audio, home sound & video. A 20-gauge oxygen-free copper conductor is covered by polyethylene dielectric and wrapped out by high-density spiral shield to reject unwanted noise. Outer blue jacket constructed from high-temp resistance PVC material. A 20-gauge flank turn-on/ground wire is very necessary for car audio installation works. The ends of R44 are molded in RCA plugs with red and white stripes for easy channel identification. All contact surfaces are gold-plated for reliable contact and maximum corrosion resistance. Available in bulk of plastic bag packaging.

R42 logo R42 plug
  RCA 1female to 2 males adapter.
Price: $ 8.00.
R44 plug  
1' (0.3m)
2.5' (0.75m)
16' (5m)
US Retrail
$ 3.00
$ 3.60
$ 16.00
Unit: one pair per polybag.
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