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Twinaxial Triple Shielded
Interconnect Cable  
Professional Edition

Посмотреть крупнее R77   The "twin-axial" triple-shielded interconnect cables Professional-Edition utilize 100% oxygen-free copper (for the highest electrical conductivity) and offer enhanced construction for use in professional audio installations. Two coaxial conductors are tightly wrapped around each other, and use an independent outcrop drain wire, intended to be separately grounded by your installer to provide superior RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) rejection and noise immunity. Each cable has two copper wire shields, and a Mylar foil shield. Special polyethylene foam isolation mechanically and electrically isolates the conductors within it, while it optimizes the impedance. This results in wide bandwidth, linear phase, and flat frequency response. The outer green jacket provides flexibility and a beautiful long-lasting appearance. This "triple shielding" protection provides noise immunity so difficult to achieve with longer cable lengths, and protects automotive sound systems from alternator noise and stray magnetic fields. The RCA connectors are specially designed to ensure reliable contact between all sound system components. The center-split tip, and the six-cut ground sleeve are both plated with 24-karat gold, for long term resistance to oxidation and maximum electrical conductivity. The R77's materials and geometry embody a unique approach to maintain the highest levels of sonic performance by eliminating noise problems, an all-too-common occurrence in car or home audio systems.
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2.5' (0.75m)

3.5' (1.1m)

5' (1.5m)
8' (2.5m)
13' (4m)
16' (5m)
20' (6m)
US Retail
$ 30.00

$ 34.00

$ 38.00
$ 46.00
$ 57.00
$ 65.00
$ 71.00
Unit: one joined pair per box.
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