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Parallel Symetric Silver-Plated
Interconnect Cable  
Audiophile Edition

Посмотреть крупнее  R99   Our Daxx high-end audio cable, R99, represents the latest cable technology and offers dynamically enhanced performance, providing extended bass and open and detailed high frequency response. The parallel symmetric geometry uses two silver-plated oxygen-free copper conductors to provide high-speed signal transmission, to deliver an improved soundstage to the listener. The silver clad, high density polyethylene foam insulation provides very low dielectric-absorption and capacitance (only 18 pf/foot!) eliminating return losses, and allowing long runs of cable without sacrificing superior bandwidth! The double shielded construction uses both Mylar foil plus tinned oxygen-free-copper braid, protecting the cable from electromagnetic interference, thereby guaranteeing great noise rejection. During extrusion, the parallel conductors are bonded to each other, and packed by a special material to ensure extremely stable spacing between the conductors which is important to maintain correspondingly high EMI (Electro-Magnetic Interference) rejection at low frequencies.Connection to your components is made with our famous nickel plated squeeze-locking RCA plug, which provides firm vibration proof connections and offers a unique internal wedging system. The pure gold-plated center-split tip and eight-cut ground sleeve enable the connector to provide maximum contact pressure, ensuring a stable and reliable connection immune to vibration and jostling.Ultra flexible Daxx R99 interconnect cables, Audiophile Edition, offer ultimate precision manufactured sonic performance, designed to be used in professional sound recording studios and compatible with the world's most sophisticated home and car audio components in the world!
R99 plug  
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Length 2.5' (0.75m) 5' (1.5m) 8' (2.5m) 13' (4m)
16' (5m)
20' (6m)
US Retail
$ 39.00
$ 43.00
$ 59.00
$ 73.00
$ 97.00
$ 105.00
Unit: one pair per box.
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