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R07 DAXX R07 Reference Edition — Daxx R07 the High-Grade Fiber Optical Cable presented in our Reference Edition features a high quality glass fiber which allows the maximum velocity of propagation and an outstanding bit stream transfer. This optical interconnect utilizes a unique multi-fiber light conductor with a high luminosity factor and very low dispersion characteristics. R07 provides accurate bit stream transfer and delivers crystal clear digital sound from your DVD, CD, DAC, MD players and Dolby Digital audio applications… more >>
R05 DAXX R05 High Resolution Edition — This cable is equipped with a high-quality, precision polishing fiber, which allows the digital signal to pass through the cable most efficiently.  The cable is terminated in metal shell Toslink plugs to guarantee a long-term, reliable connection…more >>
  DAXX R04. Metropolis Edition.
Construction: Flexible plastic fiber shielded by PVC. 
Material: Core cladded fiber with precisely glided contact surfase and high-quality metal connector.
Application: Digital audio signal transfer  from DVD, CD, DAC, MD players and Dolby Digital audio applications.

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