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Fiber Optic Digital
Interconnect Cable
High Resolution Edition
Посмотреть крупнее R05 Fiber optic interconnect can deliver more bandwidth (frequencies) than any other type of cable!  Because of the very high frequencies employed in the fiber optic channels, these channels are inherently impervious to electromagnetic interference and radio frequency noise. Daxx R05 optical cable presented in High Resolution Edition features 900 micron graded index fiber which offers incredibly accurate signal transfer without distortion and data loss.
The signal bandwidth is limited in the fiber core by dispersion.  This action is created by material loses or by multiple light beams arriving simultaneously and interfering with each other. To minimize this interference our engineers selected ideal materials which guarantee optimal transmission characteristics between fiberís core and cladding. The R05 utilizes a crystal clear plastic fiber with super refractive cladding to minimize signal loses and achieve a perfect light wave propagation through the core. This cable handles all digital protocols for hi-fi home applications, including uncompressed HDTV! Low attenuation of the cable allows for long runs without loss.
For mechanical protection of optical fibers, the R05 is covered by rugged plastic buffer and two concentric PVC layers.  The outer nylon jacket provides a safe bending radius for the fiber, and reliable protection from cuts and abrasions for the entire cable. The R05 cable is terminated in high quality metal shell plugs to guarantee accurate signal transfer and reliable long-term connections between your components.
R05 plug
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2.5' (0.75m)

3.5' (1.1m)

5' (1.5m)

8' (2.5m)

16' (5m)

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Unit: single cable per box. Suggested Retail Prices [USD].
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