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High-Grade Fiber Optic Digital
Interconnect Cable
Reference Edition

Посмотреть крупнее R07   Light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum, like radio waves, x-rays, or infrared energy. Light is electromagnetic wave energy of extremely high frequency. Passing through optical fiber, light can carry immense amounts of information with excellent stability and high immunity to electromagnetic interference. Depending on the specific properties of the glass fiber material used in optical cable, the light will be attenuated while passing through core in differing amounts. Therefore, the challenge for fiber optic cable design is to minimize attenuation, a significant task for cable design engineers. Daxx R07, the High-Grade Fiber Optical Cable presented in our Reference Edition, features a high quality glass fiber which allows the maximum velocity of propagation, for an outstanding digital bit stream transfer. This optical interconnect utilizes a unique multi-fiber light conductor with a high luminosity factor and very low dispersion characteristics. It was specially developed for the application of high-end home theatre installations and professional recording studios.optical fiber scheme

The DAXX glass fiber has two concentric layers. The internal layer, called the core, serves as light conductor and is made of glass. The next layer, called cladding is used for reflecting the light waves that attempt to escape from the core. The R07 cladding has an optimal refractive index which allows smooth, low-loss passing of light though the glass core without jitter (frequency smearing). Due to high-grade glass fiber and the excellent cladding quality, the R07 cable has extremely low attenuation, and ensures greater signal bandwidth thus transmitting substantially more information than other fiber optic cables.
The outside layer, called the buffer, is used primarily for mechanical protection. Glass fibers are by nature very brittle and therefore, the protection and flexibility of light conductors is a very significant task. To achieve the maximum possible flexibility, the R07 cable uses a bundle of 280 ultra thin glass fibers (53 micron in diameter each) which are more flexible and reliable than a comparable single glass fiber. Two concentric PVC layers and outer nylon jacket allow maximum bending, and good protection for the internal glass fiber construction. The cable is terminated in high quality metal shell plugs to guarantee accurate signal transfer and long-term reliable connection between your components.
R07 plug  
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2.5' (0.75m)

5' (1.5m)

8' (2.5m)

16' (5m)

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$ 60.00

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$ 138.00

Unit: single cable per box. Suggested Retail Prices [USD].
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