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In-Wall AC Power Cable
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DAXX high-performance power cables are created for home elctrical installation (110-240V). P313 and P311 cables are made of tinned OFC strands and are covered with ultaflex 260 F (128 C) transparent oil- and gas-resistant jackets. A special surface treatment of the strands safely prevents cables from any oxidation and conductivity alteration. The multi-strand rope-lay design provides to the cable very high flexibility for easy and neat installation.



Cross sec. area
US Retail
11 Ga (4 mm2)
100' (30 m)
$ 3.20 per foot
13 Ga (2.5 mm2)
200' (60 m)
$ 1.90 per foot
15 Ga (1.5 mm2)
245' (75 m)
$ 1.30 per foot




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