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DAXX Battery Terminals  Our heavy-duty 24-karat gold-plated battery terminals are made of high quality solid brass for reliable connection between power cables and battery. See  more >>
Power Blocks
DAXX Power Distribution Blocks  Solid brass blocks are carefully finished and then plated with pure gold for maximum current transfer, corrosion protection and reliability. See more >>
DAXX Fuses And Fuse Holders  In-line fuse holders F58 and F48 feature compression locking terminations and weather-resistant gaskets for inputs and outputs.. more >>
DAXX Plugs and Adapters  Our famous nickel-flash squeeze locking RCA type plug, which provides firm vibration proof connection and offers unique internal wedging system. The pure gold-plated center-split tip and eight-cut ground sleeve enable the connector to provide maximum contact pressure and... more >>
DAXX Crimping Terminals  DAXX high-amperage, gold-plated copper terminals provide reliable and safe connections for all kinds of amplifiers and speakers. See more >>
DAXX Binding Posts  Banana plugs, round and square speaker terminals and... more >>
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