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S-Video Silver-Plated
Interconnect Cable  
Videophile Edition

Посмотреть крупнее V90   The S-video connector was created to provide the highest picture quality interconnect for TV sets, plasma panels, projectors, satellite boxes, and Digital Video Recorder’s. S-video is also called S-VHS and Super-VHS. This method splits the video signal into two parts: luminance (Y), which is a black-and-white portion, and chrominance (C),the part of the signal that contains color information.  S-video uses a delicate multi-pin plug that separates luminance from chrominance of the signal and prevents their interfering with one another. Our DAXX V90 S-video interconnect cable, “Videophile Edition”, was developed especially for high-end home audio-video installations.  This cable offers extremely high picture resolution and color quality. The internal construction of V90 utilizes two coaxial conductors made of pure silver-plated oxygen-free copper strands. (Oxygen corrodes copper!) The silver layer enhances the high frequency properties, which is very important for analog video signal transmission. The Mylar foil and braided silver-plated shield provide very efficient noise rejection. The high technology design of the V90 results in very low signal attenuation and presents an invariant 75 Ohm characteristic impedance to the source, preventing unwanted signal reflections. This aids in delivering excellent color and contrast on both long and short cable runs. Our cable is terminated in solid metal shell connectors with a gold-plated contacting surface to ensure durable, long-term contact.
V90 plug  
2.5' (0.75m)
5' (1.5m)
8' (2.5m)
13' (4m)
16' (5m)
20' (6m)
US Retail
$ 10.00
$ 12.00
$ 14.00
$ 18.00
Unit: single cable per box.
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